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In the university context, copyright and the reproduction of copyright protected works is relevant in various areas.

  • Lecturers, students and various support services are confronted every day by the Copyright Act No 98 of 1978 and the regulations which govern the use of copyright protected works.
  • The Nelson Mandela University takes its policy to comply with the Act and related regulations, to honor the rights of authors, vendors and publishers and to pay royalties very seriously.
  • Increasing pressure is now applied to universities to ensure more effective control on the reproduction of copyright protected works on campus.

The University prohibits unauthorized photocopying by its staff and students and consequently minimises the chances of claims for damages or even criminal prosecution against the University.

This matter is regarded in a serious light and members of staff who infringe this prohibition expose themselves to disciplinary action by the University.

Publishers are also concerned about copyright infringement, particularly at educational institutions as it could affect academic book sales.