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The protected works (works eligible for copyright) are listed in section 2(1) as follows:

  • literary works
  • musical works
  • artistic works
  • cinematograph films
  • sound recordings
  • broadcasts
  • programme-carrying signals
  • published editions
  • computer programmes

Literary Works

  • Novels, short stories and poetry
  • dramatic works, stage directions, screenplays
  • textbooks, theses, dissertations, historical works, biographies, essays and articles
  • encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • letters, reports and memoranda
  • lectures, speeches and sermons
  • tables and compilations

Artistic worksArtistic Works

  • paintings, sculptures, drawings (including technical drawings), engravings, diagrams, maps and charts, plans and photographs; architectural work, whether buildings or models of buildings; handiwork which is not defined in the Act.

Musical Works

  • Music (the composed work), excluding any words or actions designed to be sung, spoken or performed with the music.

The music must be written down or must be fixed in some or other material form, e.g. on a record, casette or compact disc.

The particular typographic arrangement of a literary or musical work is defined as a published version and is also copyright protected by the Act.